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Because its reserves are the most important, do not do reservations if the owner confirms the availability of your accommodation. And ensure that unwanted by the owner reserves occurs. data are confidential and belong.


With its simple and intuitive platform you can upload all your accommodation easily. The system is so simple you never need manuals or instructions. Register as owner and / or let us know and we will create an account in


Reduce costs of publication in payment page or agencies that charge high fees, by using our online system we take care of publishing and advertising your accommodation. We collaborate with online platforms in several countries.


You are free to publish all and each of your holiday accommodation. is an advertising platform and reservation for villas in Nerja totally free. With unlimited and unrestricted access by users or bookings.



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Who we are

Modelos de facturas We offer travelers and tourists a large number of villas and apartments to rent in Malaga, Costa del Sol and Costa Tropical. (Malaga, Nerja, Frigiliana, Torrox, Maro, Almuñecar .. and so on), the rent is made directly with the owner. The traveler only needs to look at accommodation that suits for your holidays and check availability. Behind there is a large group of professionals ready to assist you in finding your accommodation in Nerja.

Post free accommodation

Módulo de entidades (clientes/proveedores) In care the owner, we believe the house owner is the one who must indicate their rates and rental conditions, and not be the broker that demands raise or lower prices for accommodation that is not yours:
- The owner is free to publish the prices per week for accommodation.
- The owner describes his rental conditions for each of its properties.
- The owner publishes photographs and descriptions of accommodation.
- The owner who will accept or reject booking your accommodation.
This module allows complete management of your accommodation. You as the owner or manager of the housing agency may publish as many properties as you wish, how many more different accommodations published, you will get more visitors and therefore more options to get reservations. If an agency or has several accommodation is available for holiday, holiday let us know and we'll publish your accommodation for free. (contact form)

Help & Support

Módulo de ayuda y soporte Registration and publication of accommodation is very simple. However we have 24 hour support. We help every effort to publish their accommodation or to answer all your questions.

Messaging and mailing

Módulo de mensajería y mailing The platform integrates a messaging system to contact technical support if you have questions or comments. In turn, for customers who want it, we offer a personalized portal for tourist accommodation.


Process for reservation confirmation


The owner receives inquiries on availability

Configuración Travelers looking for holiday accommodation ask about the availability of your accommodation for certain dates. This query directly reach the owner or manager of the property to confirm or reject availability. If the owner has his accommodation available, you only have to confirm that is available and confirm the price of your accommodation.

The traveler receives confirmation is available.

The traveler receives the total price of accommodation and dates from the hand of the owner. If this proposal is of interest to you to confirm the reservation.

The traveler agrees and confirms the booking.

Módulo de contabilidad The client accepts the offer of the owner and confirms the booking. In the formalization of the booking, the customer pays in advance the amount that the owner ask for your accommodation. (all of this the owner can indicate so on the conditions of your accommodation)

The owner receives the data of the traveler.

Módulo de Identidad After checking the payment of the reservation, the traveler receives the data of the owner and the owner of the data of the traveler. This allows you both to agree on the time of arrival

Confirmed reservations and doubts of the reserves. Online reservations.

Módulo de mensajería y mailing IMPORTANT: reservations are not made automatically as in other portals, in we do not take reservations, automatic, since we give priority to the owner to confirm availability and we try to help you get the maximum occupancy of the accommodation, the entire process we have been through exchange of e-mail (or phone calls) to customers and owners. The owner can be confident that the reservation is formalized correctly because we contact you to confirm the booking or resolve all the doubts of each of the reserves.


Do you have doubts? Now is the time to register and publish your accommodation, if you have any questions, please send us an email and we will create your account and even publish your accommodations. If you have several accommodations contact us by the contact form and we will publish each and every one of their accommodations, without any kind of permanence, nor exclusivity.


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